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Last Updated on Wednesday, 24 July 2013 06:30
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Over the past several decades, primary advancements in semiconductor switches have led to high-speed solid-state converters for high power applications. As a result, solid-state converters have become enabling technology to realize a wide range of critical technologies such as grid-tied wind and solar energy systems, flexible AC and DC transmission lines, electric hybrid vehicles, mechatronics, robotics, etc. In particular, investment in wind and solar energy is increasing (with $244 billion globally invested in 2012), and thus, structure of the traditional power grid is steadily moving toward the adoption of more wind and solar energy resources, as shown below. These converters possess many attractive capabilities for smart grid that have not been yet realized. They can significantly enhance flexibility and controllability of the power grid which, consequently, transfers the existing energy infrastructure to the next generation with extraordinary features.

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